Y&R Recap: Chance tells Nick Victoria his suspicions, confronts Victor

Traci finds Jack rooting for Harrison while playing soccer in the park. He mentions to his sister that he is thinking of being a coach. She comments that she seems to be spending more time with her grandson than behind her desk. Jack explains that his staff can contact him anytime they want, but his grandson is his priority. Traci comments that Diane is doing an amazing job with him. Jack acknowledges that he is happy that Diane has worked so hard with her son and her grandson. It’s unclear if she’s changed that much, but she’s being reasonable. Some people can change… others can’t.

Traci and Jack talk about Diane Y&R

Summer and Kyle are in Society. She mentions a position they need to hire for and suggests her mom. She thinks it would be like giving Phyllis a grenade. She wonders if forcing their mothers to work together might make them behave. Also, someone has offered to buy the hotel and her mother has a lot of creative talent. She would give him the opportunity to work with her mother in a field they love. This convinces him, but Kyle warns that they must prevent her mother from becoming a liability: any problem and she leaves. They’ll warn her up front and make sure she stays away from Diane. Summer suggests that she give her mother the same warning. “Deal,” she says.

Kyle and Summer have a mom plan Y&R

Diane walks into the Great Phoenix with her gym bag and Phyllis claps her hands derisively, criticizing her for doing her workouts. This quickly leads her to remind him that she abandoned Kyle. Diane brags that her new life in the city of Genoa is better than she could have dreamed of. She receives a text from Kyle and decides to postpone her training. Taking her turn to gloat, Phyllis states that she feels the world is her oyster and something is about to change. She gets a text from her daughter asking her to meet up. “Toodles,” she tells Diane.

Diane and Phyllis discuss Y&R

In the lobby, Summer meets her mother, who is delighted to learn that she is offering her the job at Marchetti. Summer notes that her only ground rule is to play nice with Diane. She doesn’t want any “bitch” or volatility. Phyllis promises that she won’t provoke Diane. Her daughter says they’ll be watching her. Neither she nor Kyle trusts that she can stop stirring the pot. Phyllis learns that Diane is receiving the same warning.

Summer makes Phyllis offer to Y&R

Phyllis tells her daughter that her concerns are unfounded. Her daughter doesn’t believe that. The redhead says that she is looking forward to this new chapter in her life. Summer warns again that she had better keep up. Taking her hand, Phyllis promises not to disappoint her and accepts her offer. They hug.

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Diane goes to Society and meets her son. She chokes on some water when Kyle informs her that Phyllis is coming to work at Marchetti. This means that they will have to work together at times. “You realize that she’s only doing this to try to sabotage me,” she says. He just wants them all to co-exist and assures her that they will be in separate divisions. They are both getting the same warning and they need to be civil. His mother encourages him to consider why Phyllis is giving up her hotel for this. Everything is suspicious. She hopes he can see that Phyllis is being a bully with ulterior motives. Her son says that Phyllis can only mess things up for her if she lets her. Diane asks if this is a test to see if it can be handled in the worst possible conditions. He tells her that he has faced worse and that he believes in her. A peaceful coexistence with her former enemy would prove to everyone that she has changed.Diane upset with Kyle Y&R

Later, Summer returns to society and joins her husband. They inform each other about how her mothers handled her demands. Her mom is worried and she didn’t take it well. Summer wonders if they’re making a mistake, but she thinks her moms need a push to get along. She loves her optimism.

Diane walks alongside Jack in Crimson Lights. When he calls her, she begins to vent about the Phyllis situation. She wants her son to see that Phyllis is plotting against her. He warns her not to launch a preemptive strike; he will only hurt her. She promises not to let that happen.

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Chance stops by Victoria’s office in Newman. He needs to talk to her. Nick is on the defensive. The cop says they need to go over this as many times as it takes to get to the bottom of what happened. He reminds them that they called when they thought Locke was dead. Chance wants to follow up on all the confusion. Evidence about Locke’s car has come to light and he just wants to confirm his account of events before filing his report. He has walked the distance between Locke’s car and his house. Seems like a tough hike in strong wind for someone with a severe head injury.

Chance asks Nick and Victoria Y&R

Chance isn’t convinced it was possible and says the security footage goes blank when Ashland would have gotten into his car. They have footage of the car in motion, but it looks like there may be more than one person in it. They also found evidence that the prints had been poorly erased. He doesn’t accuse them of anything and assumes they don’t know more than he does. The policeman explains that he suspects his father had Locke’s body removed to protect them. Nick thinks that’s a big guess, but Chance doesn’t. He wanted to give them a chance to come clean before he confronts his father and they become possible accomplices. He is sorry for what happened to Victoria and understands that Ashland was evil, which is why he is giving them this opportunity. They won’t talk, so Chance leaves.

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Once alone, Victoria and Nick discuss their father. Nick complains that Victor put them in this position and worries that Chance won’t leave this alone. Victoria accuses Nick of forcing her father’s hand and doubts the detective will do much since he is married to Abby. Unconvinced, Nick is sure there will be major legal implications for all of them.

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At the ranch, when Nikki notices that Victor seems very triumphant over Ashland’s death, she suggests that he is imagining things. “I had nothing to do with Ashland Locke’s death…I’m glad he’s gone,” she says. She points out that Newman Enterprises is stronger than ever thanks to the merger with Locke’s company. Victor insists that Locke is exactly where he deserves to be after trying to con him: on a cold slab awaiting a pauper’s burial. She’s not ready to dance on his grave. Victor believes that she will recover. He knew from the moment he met Locke that they would be involved in a high-priced game; now he won and the family is together…almost.

Nikki questions Victor Y&R

She realizes that he is talking about Adam. She is heartbroken that her son is out of it. She tells him that she will have to leave behind her dream of having them all together. She gets a call that Chance is there. Victor assumes that it is Locke and tells him that there is nothing to worry about. “This will all be over soon,” he assures her as she leaves.

Chance meets with Victor. He flatly tells her that he’s sure she knows more than she’s letting on and now it’s time to come clean with him.

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Nikki arrives at the Grand Phoenix and Phyllis tells her that she got the job at Marchetti. However, things are going to be complicated, as Summer and Kyle will be watching her every move. Nikki wonders if she’s having second thoughts about her plan. Phyllis is fully engaged and will have a high-profile executive job, while Diane works lower down the line. Nikki figures that will be enough to blow up Diane without her redhead lifting a finger from her. Phyllis will hold up ten fingers and swear, “We’re going to get this bitch out of town.”

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