Young & Restless: Adam overhears Kevin and Chance debating the Ashland case

At Victoria’s house, she walks downstairs ready to work and remembers Billy telling her there’s nothing she can’t conquer and that she’s amazing. She rings the doorbell: it’s Nikki with coffee and pastries. She’s glad to hear that Victoria got some sleep. They sit down and Victoria is excited to move on. “Life after Ashland”. The conversation turns to what is happening to Nick. Victoria is grateful that he saved her. Nikki thinks her daughter needs to take some time to deal with Ashland’s spiral, but Victoria doesn’t want to wallow. “I feel free.” Nikki is pleased. Victoria reveals, “Last night I even had a drink with Billy, of all people.” Nikki is surprised. Victoria is ready to chart the course for the future. “Let’s be bold, mom.”

At the ranch, Nick and Victor exchange pleasantries. Nick tells his father that Ashland’s ordeal isn’t over for him just because Chance closed the investigation. “A man died because of my actions.” Nick explains how he is angry that Victor made a unilateral decision without consulting the people involved. Victor argues that Locke caused his own death. Nick is furious that because of what he did, he was forced to lie to the police. It may be second nature to his father, but it’s not comfortable for him. Now that he has had some time and distance from the situation, he understands that he was trying to be a good father. Victor confirms that everything he did was for him and for Victoria. Nick remembers that everything happened very quickly, and Victor acted on instinct. He will do anything to protect the children from him. Victoria realized that: she really is a lot more like Victor than either of them could be. They review their surprise when Chance closed the case and the neglect of Victor’s security team, who have since been relieved of his duties. Nick wonders when his father will stop taking such risks.
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At the park, Kevin wants to know how the prosecutor reacted when Chance handed over all his evidence. He is surprised to hear that Chance didn’t. He concluded that there was no probable cause. Kevin protests and assumes Paul was behind it, but Chance interrupts, “It was my decision, Kevin.” Kevin angrily analyzes all the evidence they had spent time collecting. Chance yells, “It was a tragic accident.” Kevin knows he doesn’t believe that and warns that if the evidence comes to light, they could both suffer a serious setback!

At Chancellor-Winters, Billy asks Lily for a talk. She would like to pick up her conversation about how she divides her time between the podcast and where she ultimately wants to be. “I think I found out what I want to be when I grow up,” she jokes. Lily isn’t sure where she’s leading this. “She’s making a course correction.” She found a replacement host for Grinning Soul and is stepping away from podcasts to fully commit to being its COO. Lily is worried that he will say it because she thinks it is what she wants to hear. Billy explains that she influences her decision, but he is trying to take responsibility and be a man of his word. He promised not to disappoint his mother. Lily overhears that he is doing this because he was required to. Billy wants to be a man of integrity. “That is my decision.” Lily doesn’t want him to end up resentful towards her in the future. Billy didn’t like the feeling that something was changing between them. “This is where I want to be. This is where I belong.”
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At the rooftop bar, Chelsea spots Adam and teases him about living a life of leisure. She questions why she’s reading about Ashland’s death, and he wonders if it was more than an accident. They go over that he is alienated from the Newmans until Chloe shows up. Adam hopes that the two will be a dynamic duo again. Having said that, he leaves. Chelsea and Chloe exchange compliments and talk about the podcast. Chelsea continues to talk about how amazing Billy is and infers that she could loosen up with him in a way that she couldn’t with Chloe. Her friend can see that it was exactly what she needed.

They move to the couches and sit down, where Chelsea goes on and on about how amazing it has been working with Billy. Chloe understands why she had to pause design. “You were having a hard time after Rey died. He would be so proud of you now. Chelsea asks if everything is okay with Chloe; she realizes that something is wrong. She assumes that there is animosity between her and Sally and states that she is lucky to have her. Chloe insists that she’s fine, it’s just growing pains. Billy shows up and wants to steal Chelsea away for a second. Chloe goes to get another drink. Chelsea begins to ramble excitedly about her upcoming episode, but Billy stops her to inform her that she’s stepping away from the podcast to focus on her day job. Chelsea is stunned.
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At the ranch, Nick reviews Victor’s bet. Victor wasn’t worried about himself. Nick complains that he takes risks. Victor will never stop safeguarding his family. Abby arrives and kisses her dad and greets Nick. She feels tension. They argue that Chance made the right decision by closing the case. Nick will always be grateful and says that he has to get to work. Left alone, Victor tells Abby that he’ll thank Chance later. She doesn’t think he should do that.

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At the park, Chance and Kevin argue about whether someone else could find the evidence. Chance insists there’s nothing to worry about, but Kevin warns that the truth has a funny way of coming out. Kevin made a commitment to be the best person he could be! Adam meets them and listens as Kevin fumes at Chance that if it was anyone other than Victor, he’d be chasing a conviction with everything he’s got. Chance snaps, “I didn’t do this for Victor.” He reminds Chance that he is part of the family; people will say that he is ignoring the facts. Chance thought it best not to drag the family through the ordeal of whatever charges the prosecutor might bring. The accidental death could have been a scandal for the real victim: Victoria. Kevin totally agrees, but it should have been the DA’s call, not Chance’s.
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At Victoria’s house, she and Nikki discuss their plans to take Newman Enterprises into the future. Her mother warns her about the optics of moving on when Ashland has supposedly just died in a tragic car accident. Victoria will approach him and declares that now nothing stands in her way.

At the rooftop bar, Billy thinks Chelsea should take over the podcast, but she feels it’s the worst idea she’s ever had. She questions him by walking away from something she clearly loves. Billy explains that he gets in the way of her… She ends, “Real life?” Chelsea protests that she has never been more real than she is when she dives into complicated issues on the podcast. She feels that it will not be the same without him. The point of doing this was because she was doing it with someone who understands her. Billy agrees that the partnership was great, but he’s committed to Chancellor-Winters and he needs to…for a lot of reasons. Chelsea, with tears in her eyes, questions that he is in a hurry to return to a world she recently admitted she doesn’t belong in. Billy has to pull it off. Chelsea knows that he will realize her mistake and then find a million ways to say, “I told you so.” Billy has to go, leaving Chelsea reeling. Chloe meets up with her and tells her, “Girl, don’t go there.”

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At the ranch, Abby argues with Victor about wanting to thank Chance, who doesn’t really think he did the right thing. Victor believes that he should understand that there are no gray areas when it comes to protecting the family from him.

At the park, Kevin complains to Chance that Victor got away with it. Chance, through clenched teeth, tells her that he’s done. He did a great job, but it’s time to move on. Chance walks away and Adam appears. “I couldn’t help but listen. It seems that you have been left in a hellish place.
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Billy returns to Chancellor-Winters and tells Lily that he had to share his decision with Chelsea. He also wanted to pick up something she had been holding on to at the right time and reveals a yin and yang necklace. They are two pieces that come together to form a whole, like them. He puts it on and they kiss.

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At Victoria’s house, Nikki suggests to Victoria that they go to Newman Towers for the video presentation. Victoria is eager to continue informing everyone of what is happening in the company. She needs all of her support. Nikki thinks it’s wise to get ahead of internal problems. Victoria declares that her true leadership at Newman Enterprises is about to begin.

Chance arrives at the ranch and is surprised to see Abby there. Victor says that she asked him not to contact Chance. Abby kisses her husband and leaves. Victor tells Chance that he wanted to thank him man to man for what he did. Chance growls, “I don’t need or want your thanks.”

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At the park, Kevin insists to Adam that he’s fine…for now. Adam reminds her that Chance is now in the Newman family. Victor will make sure he stays spotlessly clean while Kevin dries off. “If you’re smart, you’ll get out in front of this right now.”

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