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— After a miserable weekend of traveling, Monday doesn’t look much better. Another wave of airline cancellations and delays is taking its toll on passengers across the United States on Monday.

According to flight tracking website FlightAware, around 500 US flights had been canceled as of midday Monday. On Sunday, 950 flights were canceled.

“I used to travel every week before the pandemic, and now I’m starting to travel for work again,” said Jim Burson, who was at Raleigh-Durham International Airport on Monday.

Burson said his summer travel has been mostly uneventful, but on Monday, his flight was one of several that was delayed out of RDU.

“It was supposed to be at 12:50 and now it’s 1:30, so maybe I’m going to lose my connection,” he said.

More than 2,000 flights had been delayed across the United States as of midday Monday after more than 8,000 were delayed on Sunday.

New data shows RDU among the top 5 airports with cancellations

Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport was struggling for a second day Monday, with about 12% of flights originating there canceled as of 12 pm ET.

Chicago saw heavy rain on Sunday, including a flash flood warning that was in effect for part of the afternoon for parts of Cook County.

On Sunday, Chicago O’Hare saw the most cancellations and delays, with about 12% of flights canceled and more than 45% of flights delayed.

Chicago Midway Airport also continued to be affected, with 12% of its flights delayed and 4% canceled as of midday Monday.

Newark Liberty Airport also struggled with delays and cancellations on Sunday, with about 6% of its flights canceled as of midday Monday.

weekend of cancellations

On Saturday there were a total of 657 flight cancellations and 7,267 delays within, within or outside of the United States.

american airlines

American Airlines canceled 4% of its flights and 24% of its Saturday flights were delayed, according to FlightAware.

United had 4% of its flights canceled and 23% delayed, followed by Delta with 2% canceled and 22% of its Saturday flights delayed, FlightAware notes.

41% of JetBlue flights and 36% of Southwest flights were also delayed on Saturday, according to the website.

DOT proposal could put money back in your pocket for delayed flights

Airlines are currently required to reimburse passengers if their flights are canceled or significantly changed. But the definition is vague.

Under the Department for Transport proposal, passengers on domestic flights delayed by three hours or more and international flights delayed by six hours or more would be eligible for cash refunds.

Weather Burson’s delay on Monday would not be eligible for a refund under the proposed rule, he still believes the change would be positive overall.

“The more clarity I think there is for travelers, the better I think it will be,” he said.

Scott keys founded the travel website “Scott’s Cheap Flights” nearly a decade ago. He believes that the changes are overdue.

“If it is enacted, and I believe it will be, it will be the largest expansion of travelers’ rights in decades,” Keyes said.

“I think it will make the air travel experience significantly better because you won’t have to worry so much after you book your flight that you won’t be able to get your money back.”

Under this proposed rule, airlines would also have to give out coupons that don’t expire for any disruption related to the pandemic.

“They will make it much easier for people to get refunds that are rightfully owed under the law,” Keyes said.

Under the proposal, Keyes said it wouldn’t matter if ticket purchases were nonrefundable.

“[It] it doesn’t matter if they’re basic economy… it doesn’t matter if the reason is beyond the control of the airlines,” he said.

In addition to pandemic protections, airlines that accept ransoms also have more guidelines.

“If they accept significant financial assistance from the government, then instead of having to give out coupons that don’t expire, they would actually have to reimburse travelers in cash,” Keyes said.

The proposal isn’t likely to change ticket prices, Keyes said.

“Over the last two decades Europe has been awash with cheap flights and traveling there is as safe as ever.”

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