Teresa Giudice’s Wedding Hair By Numbers: 1,500 Hairpins, $7,000 Luxe Extensions, and More!

Teresa Makeup Judge

Teresa Makeup Judge

teresa guidice She was a Jersey bride for her luxury wedding with Luis Ruelas – and that’s all thanks to her glam squad.

the Real Housewives of New Jersey the star turned to her favorite team, the make-up artist Priscilla Distasio and stylist lucia casazzafor her “go big or go home” bridal moment, creating a look fit for “the queen of Jersey,” as DiStasio says.

“If people know her, they’ll totally understand what I mean when I say iconic,” DiStasio tells PEOPLE when asked to summarize the star’s ultra-glam bridal makeup.

DiStasio turned to what she calls her “X-factor” products to complete the look. For Giudice’s foundation, she opted for the Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place collection and the Era Beauty Airbrush Foundation. For a smoky eye, she opted for a Pat McGrath eyeshadow and a set of Lilly Ghalichi lashes to add “a little drama and a little bit of jersey” to the makeup.

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For her lips, she opted for a lip trio from Christian Audette: Sueded Lip Liner in Paradise, a nude lipstick on Company Card and a lip gloss in Jardin de Paris — as well as a matte liquid lipstick from her collaboration with Ricon in the shade Purewhich according to her is essential for a bride.

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“It was such a soft bridal pink, it matched her dress that you guys saw. Her [first] dress had a blush pink undertone, so we kept her palette very soft and pastel,” DiStasio tells PEOPLE, referring to Giudice custom Mark Zunino Atelier wedding dress.

All the details of Teresa Giudice's wedding dress

All the details of Teresa Giudice’s wedding dress

mark zunino / instagram

And, to keep Giudice’s glamor tear-proof, DiStasio relied on the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Finishing Pressed Powder in the middle and the Ben Nye Seal Final Fixative Spray. (“It’s like hairspray for your face, everything stays,” she says.)

But, for her second look of the night, DiStasio chose a darker Christian Audette lip shade and added subtle sparkles from Makeup Forever for eye makeup that dazzled in the light.

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DiStasio was on duty all night telling PEOPLE that he was with Giudice “until four in the morning pulling his hair out.”

The viral wedding hair was a close collaboration between Giudice and Casazzathat he wanted his client to look like Jersey royalty.

“As we know, my girl Teresa is the queen of Jersey, so we needed hair fit for a queen,” Casazza revealed in a interview with Andy Cohen Radio Andy from SiriusXM. “You go big or you go home. [Teresa] He said, ‘My hair has to be on top.

The towering, meme-sparking updo did just that, made up of “over $7,000 worth of custom luxury hair extensions” that were pinned into her hair with over 1,500 bobby pins and a lengthy process that included Casazza standing in a chair. . The cost of the design itself was around $2,500, for a total of close to $10,000.

Casazza also revealed that Ruelas prefers to brush Giudice’s hair out of her face, which she took into account when creating the look and placing Giudice’s locks in a half-twisted style inside of Giudice’s custom crystal tiara. Bridal Styles Boutique in Brooklyn, New York

Drawing inspiration from Italian and Mediterranean brides with elaborate hairstyles, Casazza and Giudice sent images and Instagram reels back and forth to find the inspiration behind the look.

As her makeup artist for 14 years, DiStasio says she didn’t do any rehearsals on the bride.

“She says ‘when are we going to do a trial?’ and I told Teresa ‘we’ve been testing for over a decade!'” she tells PEOPLE, calling the final look “clean, smooth and shiny.”

“When it comes to my relationship with Teresa as her makeup artist [and] As her friend, there’s definitely a lot of trust there and she knows I’ll never let her down,” she adds.

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While Giudice hoped to test the beauty waters at first, DiStasio says she was actually “calm and cool and collected” in the glam chair.

“Teresa, I guess you can give the impression that you like this diva or that you like Bridezilla, but she was neither,” he shares. “Teresa is much purer, calmer and funnier than people think. It was a breath of fresh air, there was not a single glimpse of her.”

teresa-giudice-wedding-makeup;  priscilla distasio/instagram

teresa-giudice-wedding-makeup; priscilla distasio/instagram

priscilla distasio/instagram

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It wasn’t until the finishing touches on her makeup in the chapel that she began to feel the jitters. “It was like watching a 25-year-old girl getting ready to walk down the aisle to the man she loves.”

“It was beautiful, it really was something I had hardly ever experienced. It was like a fairy tale,” DiStasio adds of the ceremony, which took place at the Park Chateau Estate and Gardens in East Brunswick, New Jersey and attended by family and friends of the couple, as well as bravery.

“Theresa loves love as we all know. She has it all, she’s ready!”

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