Sharon Osbourne issues a warning to Meghan Markle after the queen’s death: “You have to earn them”

This article was originally published on 06/11/22 and was titled: Sharon Osbourne says she feels ‘sorry’ for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after platinum jubilee

Piers Morgan is not the only one with an opinion about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Her good friend Sharon Osbourne was also willing to do her part, but she had a slightly different opinion than the 57-year-old. morgan piers uncensored hostess, as she said foxnews that he was very fond of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex; especially after the events of the Platinum Jubilee. Yes really!

Ms Osbourne, 69, said she “felt sorry” for the couple, in particular “for the way they were separated from the family”, we presume in reference to the fact that they were only invited to one official event throughout year. four day celebrationand also his position in the second row of St. Paul’s Cathedral during the Service of Thanksgiving for the Queen’s reign on Friday, June 3.

However, Morgan was quick to respond to his friend’s statement, asking, “Why should we feel sorry for them given the way they have torn this family apart in public so often?” to what the previous The conversation The co-host responded: “I feel sorry for him because I think there must be a big part of him that regrets it,” he added, referring to Prince Harry, before speaking about his and Meghan’s minimal looks. Tripping the Color.

“I mean, can you imagine how he felt yesterday [at Trooping the Color] with the whole family in that procession and normally he would have been there on one of those horses with his uniform and everything. And there he was, shutting up the kids,” Osbourne continued.

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Although they didn’t have as big a role in Trooping the Color as the duke And Duchess Of Cambridge, for example, a source revealed that Harry and Meghan *were* invited to other events, such as the Party at the Palace concert on Saturday, June 4. However, the source said they decided not to attend the star-studded event as he clashed with his daughter. Lilibet’s first birthday. “Harry and Meghan could have gone to the party at the Palace, but they decided to keep a low profile on Lilibet’s birthday and celebrate it in private,” a source said. US Weekly. “It was more important for them to be together as a family than to attend the concert, especially since the Queen was unable to attend,” they added.

Another source told the pub that the seating arrangements at the Thanksgiving Service had nothing to do with the feuding royal brothers, as they were actually chosen in advance by the Palace. “The senior members of the royal family were seated in the first row and the non-senior members in the second row,” said another royal source. american weekly, adding that Harry and Meghan sat apart from Prince William and Kate Middleton “to avoid any unwanted attention.”

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This article was updated on 10/02/22 with the following information:

Sharon Osbourne once again weighed in on the strained relationship between the Sussexes and the rest of the royal family while appearing on a recent episode of fox And Friends, and apparently gave the Duchess of Sussex some advice on how to fix her own relationship with the British press, who she admitted has been “really tough” on her since she arrived in the country.

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“The press was very, very tough on Meghan when she came to England, but they are on a lot of people,” Osbourne said on the show. “They were tough on [Queen Consort] Camilla, but you know, you hang in there, you do what you have to do for your country, you earn it. But they didn’t really give him a chance.”

Osbourne also touched briefly on Prince Harry’s explosive memoirs and whether or not he thinks he will publish them, or should. “I think I read that he was going to rewrite something,” Osbourne continued, before speaking about the possible delay in its release. “If it’s true, I don’t know. But I think he put it off because I think he probably did something he regretted.” Oh!

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