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Ryan Giggs grabbed his then-girlfriend by the shoulders and headbutted her when she tried to leave him after years of “coercive and controlling behaviour”, a court has heard.

Kate Greville, 36, told a jury at Manchester Crown Court that she had planned to leave the former Manchester United player when he attacked her in November 2020 and had secretly rented her own flat to move into.

When she called the police, he allegedly told her, “This will ruin me and it will ruin you,” and urged her to “think about my job, think about my career, think about my children.”

She said he told her, “Well, then you shouldn’t have done it.” Earlier in the day, the court heard that Giggs kicked Greville out of a Dubai hotel room naked when she accused him of messaging another woman.

Giggs, 48, resigned as manager of the Wales national team after being accused of assaulting Greville and his younger sister Emma that night in Salford, Greater Manchester. He denies the charges, as well as one count of coercive and controlling behavior between December 2017 and November 2020.

Giving evidence behind a screen Tuesday, Greville said he had discovered before their final fight that Giggs had at least eight other girlfriends while watching her. She said she had searched her phone and found messages for them, as well as friends, in which she talked about going out to bars to “do some clunging.”

She said she accelerated plans to leave after an argument at the Stock Exchange, a five-star Manchester hotel owned by Giggs and his former United team-mate Gary Neville.

The couple were out for dinner with friends on November 1, 2020 when Greville mentioned that he had turned down a man who asked him out on a date, telling the man, “I can’t believe you asked me out, you have a girlfriend.”

She claimed that Giggs stormed into her room, angry that she hadn’t told her suitor that she had a boyfriend. She confronted him with evidence of all his affairs and told the jury: “I knew everything he had done and been doing behind my back and I had the proof for the first time, because he always managed to convince me that it was all in my head and that It was all lies and that it was driving me crazy.”

She said she called her sister and the couple returned to Giggs’ home in Worsley, Salford, where she had lived since the first Covid lockdown in 2020. They had packed their belongings into rubbish bags when Giggs returned, “drunk” and furious, said. the judge. During the fight she threatened to call the police, saying that she had attacked him and that she was a “psychopath”.

It was the first time he had deliberately hurt her, she told the jury. “All the other times she had hurt me, this was different,” she said. “This was a real intention. She deliberately wanted to hurt me. She looked me straight in the eye and headbutted me. It wasn’t like the other times. It wasn’t a grab, it wasn’t a push.”

The court heard that the couple frequently broke up during their four-year on-and-off relationship and constantly fought and blocked each other on social media.

Greville, a public relations executive, said Giggs was “almost like two people” during their relationship. There was the “nice” Ryan and the “nasty” Ryan, who was violent and controlling.

She told police she met Giggs in 2013, when his firm was hired to help him and Neville open their Cafe Football and Hotel Football businesses.

She said that she and Giggs started an affair when they were both married. She was in an “unhappy” and “really controlling” marriage, which Giggs helped her escape, saying he wanted to leave her wife, Stacey, for her. In a short time, the couple fell in love and in May 2016 their relationship became public.

“I was hugely in love with him. I thought it was the best thing ever,” she said in her first interview with police.

Still, there were “red flags” from the start, she told police, describing how he would show up at her apartment and ring the doorbell incessantly if she didn’t answer his calls or messages, and threaten to tell her boss about her affair. . On one occasion, when she wouldn’t let him in, he yelled at her: “You’re a whore. Do you have someone there?

Later, when they had been arguing, he would show up at her gym and follow her home, she alleged.

When Giggs was unable to leave his wife, Greville moved to Abu Dhabi “to get away from him”, the court heard. But Giggs kept contacting her and visited her in Dubai, where he once kicked her out of her hotel room, naked, after she accused him of texting another woman.

But he continued to bombard her with messages, eventually agreeing to return to Manchester after Giggs said they might have a baby. Later, when she found out that he had been seeing other women, he denied promising her that.

In an email titled “Cunt,” sent after another discussion about a visit to Scotland, Giggs said: “You don’t deserve to be a father.” This, Greville said, was designed to hurt her deeply: “I desperately wanted to be a mother.”

She described receiving anonymous emails from people saying Giggs was cheating on her. A man emailed her to say that her wife had been sent a nude photo of Giggs. Greville looked at the photo and realized it was the same one she had sent him a few weeks earlier. She said that she confronted Giggs, only for him to claim that he had been sent “a long time ago” and “passed it off as a joke”.

On another occasion, when they were arguing and Greville blocked him on social media, he claims that Giggs sent him a message titled “Blackmail,” which contained a video. He didn’t open the video but was afraid it was a sex tape they had made.

The trial continues.

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