Russian state TV outlines 3 targets for strikes if UK goes to war

Russian journalist Igor Korotchenko named three targets that Russia would attack if the UK went to war in Ukraine.

Korotchenko made the comments during a recent appearance on Russian state television, which authorities have repeatedly used to launch threats against the West after the Russian president Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine at the end of February.

The UK, like other Western countries, quickly condemned the invasion and has provided humanitarian aid and military support to Ukraine to defend. However, they have not directly engaged in combat against Russia, which would likely lead to a massive escalation and expansion of the conflict.

Still, members of Russian state television, which has largely pushed Putin’s pro-war propaganda, speculated on how Putin would respond if the UK entered the war.

The video of the discussion was translated and posted on Twitter by BBC journalist Francis Scarr on Monday.

“Russia does not want or want war with the UK. But if British soldiers land in Ukraine and engage in combat with the Russian armed forces, we reserve the right to resort to any possible action,” Korotchenko said.

The Russian journalist added that if any NATO country sends troops to Ukraine, it would give the Kremlin “the right to respond in any way, including pre-emptive strikes”. He said there is “no need” for pre-emptive nuclear strikes, instead advocating hypersonic Kinzhal missiles.

The first place Korotchenko said Russia would likely target is the Ministry of Defense (MoD) in Whitehall, where he says British leaders “make plans and are designing a war against Russia”. Although he said Moscow would not attack civilians in this scenario, the Ministry of Defense is located in central London, close to government and civilian areas.

Russian state TV names 3 British targets
Above, the British Ministry of Defense is seen in London on February 3, 2016. Russian journalist Igor Korotchenko told Russian state television that the ministry would be one of three targets of an attack if the United Kingdom entered the war of Ukraine.
James D Morgan/Getty Images

The second location would be against British military bases, where he said nuclear weapons are stored, although it remains unlikely that the UK or any other Western nation would use nuclear weapons against Russia.

Finally, he said that Russia would target “other decision-making centers” in London, but did not specify exactly what this would entail.

“This is not a threat,” Korotchenko said. “This is a preemptive right of self-defence, which we must exercise without fail if Britain really decides to fight us.”

His comments were in response to reports that Warrant Officer Paul Carney said British soldiers must be “physically fit for operations” in order to “meet the threat from Russia” in a column Soldier magazine, according to a report by the Kyiv post office.

However, the UK has offered no official indication that it plans to become directly involved in the conflict by sending troops to fight on Ukraine’s behalf. Korotchenko’s comments are just the latest example of Russian state TV presenters discussing possible attacks on NATO countries in recent months.

Sometimes the hosts have even made threats about nuclear war. In a viral clip from last month, presenter Vladimir Solovyov warned that if NATO continued to support Ukraine in the conflict, lead to a nuclear attack.

“If everything continues to progress as it is, only a couple of mutants will survive in Lake Baikal. The rest will be destroyed in a massive nuclear attack,” he said.

news week has contacted Britain’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office for comment.

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