Rapper Fabolous is called ‘bitter’ and manipulative by his stepdaughter for not taking care of a 2-year-old

In an attempt to wish his youngest son a happy birthday, the rapper Fabulous He may have played himself big time. Fab’s daughter, isabel tripHe turned 2 years old on October 10. Journey is the youngest of the three children that the artist shares with his former stylist girlfriend, emily b. In addition to their daughter, the couple have two sons, Johan and Jonas Jackson, ages 14 and 7.

As most parents would, the “Make Me Better” rapper took Instagram to acknowledge your daughter’s birthday with a heartfelt message. The post featured a sweet image of the Brooklyn rapper carrying her daughter and some words for her on her special day.

“I called you Journey because that’s really what it’s been,” the caption began. “You may not know when you’re going to get through it, but you’ll get it in the end. I don’t think you can have faith unless you trust the JOURNEY. You have taught me that, so I look at you with understanding and love. Your life assures you that everything will add up… 10 • 10 • 2020

Happy Birthday Journey Jackson 🎈
@travelisabella_ 🖤”

Fab followers sent their virtual birthday wishes to the girl and commented on her father’s meaningful explanation for her name. However, shortly after the post went up, the artist’s stepdaughter, taina williamsdemanded the Brooklyn rapper stop the charades.

Williams, emily bThe daughter from a previous relationship took to the rapper’s Instagram comments to accuse him of abandoning his youngest daughter after he and Emily B split. She also accused Fabolous of just being a father to his children and manipulating them.

“This post is hilarious,” he wrote. Williams. “’You may not know when you’re going through it, but you’ll understand in the end’ is the translation of = I haven’t taken care of my daughter in almost a year and I don’t even ask about her welfare because IDC and I’m bitter and I’m just a father to my two beautiful children whom I can manipulate. Stop messing with the internet.”

@RetiredLineCookit’s simple legend of “Lord” speaks volumes.

the comment by Taina is just another item added to the dirty laundry that has been piling up in the family for years.

What blavity Previously, Fab, whose real name is John Jackson, and the mother of his children, Emily, whose full name is Emily Bustamante, have had a tumultuous relationship. In 2018, Fabolous was accused on four felonies for assaulting her.

Fabolous allegedly assaulted Bustamante on March 7, 2018, after discovering that he had gone on a trip to Los Angeles on Instagram. TMZ reports. The then-40-year-old was also in town at the time, and on his flight back to New Jersey, he allegedly texted Bustamante saying he wanted to hit her over the head with a baseball bat and kill her. . but that she “didn’t want to go out like this”, NorthJersey.com reports.

After the trip, the rapper allegedly hit his girlfriend in the head seven times, breaking both of her front teeth. According to an affidavit, Bustamante then called her father and her brother at the house the couple shared to retrieve some guns because he feared Fab would use them on her, reports NorthJersey.com.

in a video obtained by TMZ, Fabolous is pursuing Bustamante and threatening his father later. The rapper appears to be holding a metal object and threatens to shoot Bustamante’s father as a bodyguard tries to intervene. Fab lunges at Bustamante at one point, causing her to scream and run. A child can be heard screaming in the background.

This incident left the rapper facing 20 years in prison.

To everyone’s surprise, the couple stayed together after the altercation and later had daughter Journey in 2020.

According to the jasmine markHis fans speculated about a breakup between the couple as the celebrity stylist celebrated his birthday without Fab and unfollowed him on social media.

Neither Bustamante nor Jackson have commented on whether the split has affected their ability to be an active father.

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