Prince Harry Not Yet Confirmed To Attend King Charles’s Coronation As Plans Leaked

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Reduced Coronation Plans Revealed

prince harry still to be confirmed but prince william is taking an “active role” in planning the coronation of king charles“Probably a good idea since, you know, he’s next.

the Telegraph reports that the royals have been advised to remove the “archaic”, “feudal” and “imperial” aspects before the Coronation, which takes place on May 6 next year and is codenamed “Operation Golden Orb”. After the religious Coronation, there may be a civil ceremony as a “venture of ‘recognition’ of the new monarch outside the religious canopy”.

William and Kate Middleton are likely to have a role in the ceremony which will take place in front of 2,000 guests at Westminster Abbey, a massive reduction from the 8,000 that packed for Queen Elizabeth’s coronation.

the Telegraph says that there is still no “clarity” on paper to prince harry. The Daily Beast has previously reported that sources have said that Harry will not be invited if he continues to publicly attack the institution of the monarchy or Carlos or Queen Camila.

Camilla will be crowned queen alongside King Charles. The recommendations are contained in a report seen by the newspaper. He quotes Dr Bob Harris of The Constitution Unit at UCL, who writes: “The UK no longer has the capacity to put on anything like this show. [Queen Elizabeth’s coronation]nor should it in difficult times.

“The next coronation will inevitably be smaller. Archaic elements such as the Court of Claims could be eliminated. Therefore, tribute must be paid and reflection must be made on how the King, as head of the nation, must be empowered early in the reign to represent the support and encouragement of modern civil society.”

The crown is filming Diana’s funeral

the mail on sunday he is very angry about The crown doing his job of dramatizing the royal story and filming scenes that recreate Princess Diana’s funeral. Outraged reporters this time can’t say this incident didn’t happen, so they’re angry it’s being reenacted: “grim staging,” says the Mailwhile, oddly enough, he got over his outrage to show a big picture from the shoot, with the characters of Prince William and Prince Philip walking behind the coffin.

The scenes will appear in the sixth and final season of the show, whose fifth season begins on November 9, so there has already been a lot of buzz. made up scenesand real sources and authors banging on the Mail of how “cruel” and terrible it is that The crownA DRAMA, should do such a thing.

Perhaps the real reason for the royal nerves is that season five will focus on the terrifying collapse of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage. The palace is furious that these skeletons are being reanimated just as the king’s reign begins.

King Charles plans the biggest royal tour in history

That King Charles plans to showcase a modest royal family more in tune with hard times? Forget it. the Mirror reports that Charles has gone all Mariah Carey and is planning the biggest royal world tour in history to mark the start of his reign, visiting Australia, New Zealand and several Caribbean Commonwealth countries.

Apparently, this is going to be some kind of very solo rock star. Camilla will stay “to attend to her personal projects at home.” Let’s hope Charles has an “All I Want for Christmas” to wow the crowd.

A two-year world tour will introduce Carlos to the world (seriously, now people don’t know who he is?) and “extend a hand of friendship and support,” royal sources said. the Mirror. Australia and Canada top Charles’s list.

The world tour, of course, is aimed at protecting the royal family’s waning influence in all these places, where republicanism and anti-royal sentiment are expected to flourish even more vibrantly after Queen Elizabeth’s death. Prince William and Kate Middleton experienced this firsthand on their Caribbean tour, so Charles will no doubt be hoping that a swanky tour can pull off something of a reboot.

However, many countries want their royal connections cut off and full independence. What can Charles sell to counter that? His tour of Australia may spark some other memories; when he visited after her marriage to Diana, the cheers of the crowd made it clear that they had come to see her, not him. A solo trip from him now is not just political, but personal. The new king wants it to finally be about him.

A royal source said the Mirror: “The King and his family are eager to get to work on these crucial first months and years of his reign. He certainly wants to carry on his late mother’s longstanding mantra of being seen to be believed, and he’s very keen to get out there and meet as many people as possible.”

William and Kate will also be swept up in this wave and smile marathon, taking some high-profile trips, including to the US next month.

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The Windsors have plenty of prime real estate, but it now looks like both Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace could be left empty of royal residents for years to come. King Charles has made it quite clear that he and Camilla have no intention of moving from the lavish environs of Clarence House to the institutional-themed BP, and they have been given a lot of cover for that decision by the fact that “the big house “It’s under major control. renovation, and the works will not be completed until at least 2027 and, more realistically, 2028, when Charles will be 80 years old.

the Sun Reports that Windsor Castle is also without a tenant, as William and Kate have apparently refused to move in for now, saying they are very happy in the four-bedroom Adelaide Cottage, which they moved into this summer.

Expect the castles to open up more widely to the public.

change of card

Sending a 100 congratulationsthe The birthday card for centenarians from the monarch is a beloved British tradition. It was initiated by King George V in 1917 when the message read, perhaps rather ominously: “His Majesty expects the blessings of good health and prosperity to attend him for the remainder of his days.”

Now King Charles is ready to carry on the tradition, Buckingham Palace announced, with the first cards being sent out last week. the Daily Mail has seen one and reports that the rather more upbeat message from Charles (and Camilla, both of whom are pictured on the card) reads: “My wife and I are very happy to hear that you celebrated your 100th birthday. This brings our warmest congratulations and best wishes from the heart on such a special occasion.”

This week in true history

On October 24, 1537, Jane Seymour, the third wife of Henry VIII, died of complications in childbirth at Hampton Court Palace, giving us another opportunity to remind you, wherever you read this, to find your center of attention more near. Performance Sixand book tickets immediately.

Questions without answer

King Charles may be planning a world tour, but how excited will the world be to see him? What will the public finally see of the royal palaces if the royals leave them empty?

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