Parsons has surpassed Donald as the best in the NFL

INGLEWOOD, Calif. – Let’s start with the facts here. Sure, they’re technically opinions, but I’d like to find people who would argue with either of these two claims:

The Cowboys have the best defense in the NFL.

Micah Parsons is the best defensive player in the NFL.

The first seems like a no-brainer. No other team in the league could not only outlast their starting quarterback with a four-game winning streak, but also play better and better every week. Yeah, it’s one thing to lean on defense, but this is getting unbelievable.

They allowed 19 points to the Buccaneers in Week 1. But since then, it’s been 17, 16, 10 and now 10. Ten points to the Rams with Matthew Stafford, Cooper Kupp and Sean McVay, who we all thought could figure this out. week with the Cowboys in town.

And they tried. But the Cowboys’ defense is just playing at another level right now.

No, it’s not a one-man show there, but Parsons is undoubtedly the leader of this group. He is the clear MVP of this defense and this defense is the best in the NFL.

So I think it’s okay to call him the best defensive player in football right now.

Absolutely no disrespect to Aaron Donald, who definitely hasn’t missed a step. He was amazing here in this game, doing his best to wreck the Cowboys’ offense with every chance he got.

Talking to right guard Zack Martin, he said “99 is amazing,” referring to Donald, of course. Martin talked about the challenges of having to find him in every snapshot.

This is what’s crazy about Donald. His versatility has made him the best player in the NFL for years because he has the ability to run from all four positions on the line. And on Sunday, he was moved everywhere to find mismatches, and many times he went against rookie left tackle Tyler Smith.

But the crazy part is… Parsons is even more versatile. He can run from all four points on the line AND play linebacker too. You know, linebacker, his natural position.

And no doubt, the Rams are struggling right now primarily because of their offense. LA has some trouble scoring points. But guess that? Jeans too. Donald and the Rams are trying to take that team, but right now they are 2-3 after five games. Parsons and his defense are trying to carry the team with an offense that also needs firepower. And right now, the Cowboys are 4-1. That’s yet another reason why I’m giving Parsons a thumbs up here and now.

Parsons calls himself “lion” and that day, the lion was clearly injured. He battled a left groin injury throughout the second half, leaving the game a little longer than usual. But as he described it, “Sometimes I just had to walk away with a pure heart.”

Parsons struggled to get out on a bad leg and still had two sacks and a forced fumble.

But really, with him, Parsons’ game goes beyond the stats. If you really watch it every play, and at this point I don’t know why you wouldn’t, you can clearly see how often each play changes. Just a lateral step here by the quarterback, or him stepping forward in the pocket, or a running back throwing Parsons off the rim before going out for a pass, but he never gets there because the quarterback is being rushed anyway.

And the biggest thing you’ll see is Parsons fighting two and three defenders as DeMarcus Lawrence and/or Dorance Armstrong come home. And let’s not exclude Sam Williams. The rookie played his best game of his young career.

But it all begins and ends with Parsons. He is not just someone who lines up in different places, but he dominates from there.

After the game, I even asked Parsons how it felt to have a game like this with Donald on the other side, and he really didn’t shy away from the discussion about being the best defensive player in football.

“Yeah, I think it’s a battle. You want to be the best running back. There’s only one best running back in the league,” Parsons said of Donald. “For me, it’s a competition between me and him, no matter what. Even with respect, I want to potentially be the best player in this league. pushing, I’m climbing.”

Even better, Michael. You don’t have to come out and say you’re better. Just keep “pushing” and “climbing” and let other people say what seems pretty obvious at the moment.

Micah Parsons is the best defensive player in football. And he is also leading the best defense.

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