I’m A Celebrity Nanny And These Are The Most Outrageous Claims

While celebrity nanny Philippa Christian was working for “Hollywood’s biggest diva,” she was given some pretty weird assignments.

“When the children were in school, [she] He would make me sit next to him and stir his coffee constantly because it had almond milk in it and he didn’t like the look of the texture,” Christian told The Post. “So every time I wanted to take a sip, the coffee had to be turned.”

Christian, 35, who also wrote the 2015 novel, “confidential babysitter”, he added, “I could list a million times of crazy things I’ve had to do”.

This week, the public was offered a rare glimpse into the unglamorous life of a Hollywood nanny after Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde’s ex-nanny spilled salacious secrets of their split to the Daily Mail.

Her interview also revealed just how intertwined nannies are with the messy dynamics of their bold bosses and the outrageous, sometimes emotional demands placed on them. The nanny, who remained anonymous, claimed that she often officiated at the couple’s drama, which included Wilde’s alleged infidelity and Sudeikis’ alleged late-night drinking and his ex-fiancée’s freakout. making your “special salad dressing” for her new boyfriend Harry Styles.

“Nanny Confidential” author Philippa Christian talks about the strange life of being a nanny to the stars.
Philippa Christian/Twitter

“As you can imagine, working for celebrities can be a very difficult job at times,” Christian told The Post. “They can be extremely demanding, incredibly cruel and get away with behavior that normal people would never get away with. As a babysitter, you need to be better.”

That takes patience, he continued, because “you’re always the dumping ground… Whether it’s yelling, throwing objects, seeking revenge, having ‘acquaintances’ inform certain publicists of private information about their partner they’re currently fighting with or a co-star. they cannot bear Unfortunately, you are a witness to everything.”

Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde pose with their children Otis and Daisy in February 2020, months before they split.
Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde pose with their children Otis and Daisy in February 2020, months before they split.
Photograph by John/Shutterstock

In addition to domestic disputes, nannies must abide by strange rules, many of which are written into their contracts. Christian said an employer stipulated that she wear all black, including underwear, socks and shoes. Another family forced her to wear evil eye jewelry while she took care of her children. She has also had to follow restrictive diets and not bring certain foods in order not to tempt a dieting celebrity.

“When you are in public, you should walk at least three meters behind the family to give the paparazzi an indication that the family has no help and that they are doing everything on their own,” he said.

Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde at Joe's Pub in 2012, before the couple had children.
Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde at Joe’s Pub in 2012, before the couple had children.
Astrid Stawiarz

Christian has gone to great lengths to protect his employers, including acting as a decoy to lure paparazzi from his home after a big story about them surfaced.

“I had to put on my mother’s sunglasses [they both had blonde hair] and he drove his car out of the gates down the road for ten minutes, so that I would be followed and therefore he could leave the property in my absence.”

His work has also impacted his love life. “I had a curfew at night and I wasn’t allowed to date. This is because they are afraid that you will fall in love and leave the position, as they like to have continuity with their nannies for the sake of their children.”

But she has put her foot down at times. Specifically, when she was asked to tip off gossip magazines or advertisers about an employer’s enemy. “I’m a firm believer in ‘what goes around comes around,’” she said.

Nanny Philippa Christian reveals the outrageous demands that come with working for a celebrity family.
Nanny Philippa Christian reveals the outrageous demands that come with working for a celebrity family.
Philippa Christian/Twitter

That has applied to his own personal stance on Sudeikis and Wilde’s nanny divulging so many dirty details of their relationship.

“I don’t like to single out anyone for doing the wrong thing, but it’s definitely something I would never do,” she said, noting that celebrities hardly have any privacy. “So it is important that their time at home is respected, especially by someone they have trusted enough to care for their children.”

Ultimately, Christian said, it will only hurt the nanny in the end.

“It’s a special job that is built on trust, and that trust should never be broken, no matter what.”

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