Green Bay Packers defeat New Orleans Saints in preseason game

GREEN BAY – Play one Friday night, Jordan Love hit the back of his three-step drop and had nowhere to throw.

The New Orleans Saints had run only four defenders, dropping seven in coverage. Love looked to the right of him. He returned to the center. Then the Green Bay Packers quarterback did something he probably wouldn’t have tried in the last two years.

After Love’s strong preseason debut last week in San Francisco, Aaron Rodgers said he still wants to see his backup more comfortable when it comes time to give up a snap. That internal clock, the one that screams for a quarterback to get out of Dodge, is a tough thing to master. So when Love didn’t linger in the pocket, dipping in to pick up 11 yards up the middle, it was exactly the kind of decision the Packers expected their young quarterback to make.

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