Claressa Shields: I will show the world that I am the greatest woman of all time vs. Savannah Marshall | boxing news

Claressa Shields has vowed to prove to the world that she is the ‘Greatest Woman of All Time’ when she takes on Savannah Marshall in their clash for the undisputed title next month.

The grudge between the two long-time middleweight rivals takes center stage at London’s O2 Arena on Saturday, September 10, live on sky sportsand will see the two undefeated fighters put all of their belts on the line.

Despite the verbal bards the pair have traded, two-time Olympic gold medalist and reigning WBA, WBC and IBF champion Shields has great respect for WBO champion and women’s boxing pioneer Marshall. , but she is determined to prove that she is the queen of the ring. .

“I’ve said for a long time, back in 2012, that I was the one everyone would remember for life, whether I kept boxing or not,” Shields said. sky sports.

“But the fact that I went on and won the Olympics again and turned pro, and I’m one of the women that changed the game in terms of equal pay, equal promotion and we’re fighting to get equal fight time. .

“I am happy that it is coming to fruition, that I have this opportunity and I have a great dance partner. I really want to cross the pond and fight Savannah Marshall.

“It takes two great female fighters to go in there and put on a show. So, I’m going to go in there to put on a show and show the world that I am what I say I am: I am the greatest woman of all time.” “

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Shields declares that she is in great shape as she prepares for her big showdown on September 10 against Marshall and wants to prove that she is the greatest female boxer of all time.

Marshall is in the midst of her training camp in Miami under the watchful eye of former two-weight world champion John David Jackson, who has been in the 27-year-old’s corner since her sixth pro match against Hanna Gabriels.

Jackson is in no doubt that Shields has come a long way since his amateur days when he lost to Marshall in the second round of the 2012 World Championship, the only loss of his career thus far, and he feels he has fought a higher level opponent. since he was converted. professional, which will be shown in September.

“Saying it’s the fighter versus the puncher, that’s a good title for the fight,” Jackson said. sky sports. “Savannah, her level of competition hasn’t been where Claressa’s is… so it’s a difference in opponents.

“It makes for a very interesting fight about who will apply what they do best on the other person and break it down. I feel like Claressa has improved since her amateur days, whereas I haven’t seen that with Savannah.

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Shields faces Marshall for the undisputed world middleweight title live on Sky Sports on September 10

“She’s more laid back, she’s laid back there and it’s great to be, but the level of competition she’s had hasn’t pushed her enough to see what she really has inside of her. This fight, it’s really going to push her.” .”

Shields, meanwhile, has his head down to work hard and is avoiding the distractions of Miami nightlife to ensure he’s in the best possible shape for the long-awaited winner’s clash with Marshall.

“It’s about discipline,” Shields said. “Blood, sweat and tears come with the game, but I enjoyed the sweat, I enjoy the blood, sometimes rather coming from my opponent, and there is some crying involved, but not when you are enjoying it.

“That’s why I come to Miami, because it’s a different scene. Yes, you have clubs, beaches and bars, but I only go to the beach and the gym. I go to the track and run a little bit, but I’m not really a great party person.

“I’m in great shape. We’ve been training, we’ve been running, we’ve been jumping rope and hitting the pads and the bags.

“I’m happy for the opportunity and just being able to have that platform, especially where I come from, and being dubbed the biggest women’s fight in boxing history means a lot.”

The biggest fight in women’s boxing history, Claressa Shields vs Savannah Marshall, airs live on Sky Sports on Saturday 10th September. Be a part of history and buy tickets for the London showdown here.

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