Camp Observations, 8/8: Notes on Carson Wentz and a tight end to monitor

ASHBURN — Probably the biggest event of Monday’s practice didn’t happen on the field at Washington Commanders‘ headquarters, but in the parking lot instead.

Sophie Manning, a five-year-old girl finishing her leukemia treatments, was cheered on her arrival by a boisterous crowd.

From there, Manning was escorted inside the gates and got an up-close look at the Washington team as part of her Make-A-Wish. Just like Josiah DesperReceiving a similar welcome Saturday at FedEx Field, Manning received a lot of attention from many involved in the organization.

Now, for those of you who didn’t venture to the clubhouse, here’s a recap of the action…

  • the curtis samuel practice tracker it’s up to two, since the wideout was not limited at all on Monday. That’s in addition to his full workout on Saturday. However, it is not clear if he raises to three; Rum Rivera He mentioned that Samuel would be called soon, which perhaps means that Tuesday will be a day of rest for Samuel. John Bates, who had been out for at least a week, was back at tight end, albeit partially. Rivera said that he will continue to improve. dyami brown he also dressed and did not stop at all.
  • Much has been done about carson wenttz‘s accurately, and understandably. He’s had some pretty stray shots over the course of camp, and a lot of those misses have come in drills where there’s literally no defense. It was probably the main topic of conversation. on Saturday, like Wentz, Rivera and Terry McLaurin All were consulted about it in their respective press at the stadium. With that in mind, putting together a compilation of as many Monday releases as possible felt like a worthwhile exercise, and the final product is here for you to judge. He seemed to have a better rhythm for this session:
  • One takeaway from the video above is that Wentz definitely seems to have the smoothest reps with Jahan Dotson. The two got pretty comfortable with each other at the OTAs and minicamp and, for the most part, carried it into August. As for Wentz and McLaurin, Monday was a good example of the further development they should undergo, but also how productive they can be when they click. The pair went one-for-three in an 11-on-11 portion of a trio of return routes, which is a pattern that relies heavily on timing and ball placement. The single conversion was sweet, while the two misses were clumsy. They later hit an intermediate shot that McLaurin would have taken for extra yards.
  • As for the guys who weren’t participating, Cole Turner still has a hamstring problem, while William Jackson III was also out. Another tight end curtis Hodges, could not go, which allowed the undrafted armani rogers to slide with Wentz and the first stringers for much of the morning. While Rivera told reporters that Rogers needs to hone in on the details and also get better with his understanding of the playbook, Rogers has enticing size, a trait he has used often for superior receptions. It will be fun to watch him in the preseason and he can build a strong fan base.
  • NateGerry, a linebacker who was signed on Sunday, was rotated for a scant number of snapshots on Monday. According to Rivera, Gerry was chosen to help more in coverage than in run support. steve parker, another addition, he was active in safety, nearly logging an intercept. Gerry would think he has a clearer path to a roster spot, though both are veterans who have played in a decent number of games in the league.
  • During a segment of practice, Rivera had all three offensive lineups start a backed-up drive near his own goal line. in defence, David May lined up next to Cole Holcomb at linebacker on first and second down, both pretty obvious career situations. Then, at third, Mayo substituted and James Davis he joined the group to help defend the pass. That projects to be a common sight in 2022.

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