Bold and beautiful: Sheila admits she cut her toe when Deacon’s parole officer arrives

In the abode of his broom closet, Deacon recoils and stammers, “It can’t be,” while Sheila reveals herself and purrs, “Mom’s back.” He makes a face, “Sheila”, as he lets out an evil laugh.
Deacon Sheila Bed B&B

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At the cliff house, Steffy smiles as Finn enters the house shirtless and wet from surfing. They discuss children and canoodle. Finn missed his beautiful, talented, sexy wife. They kiss.
Steffy Finn Kiss B&B

At Forrester Creations, Quinn speculatively watches Carter from across the boardroom table. She wonders if he’s having as much trouble concentrating as she is. He smiles, “More.” She decides that they should do something about it before it drives them crazy. Carter is already on the crazy mark. Carter walks over, lifts her out of the chair, and they kiss passionately. She’s been wanting to do that all morning. Quinn has wanted to do “this” all morning. She pulls him into another clinch. Just then, Ridge walks in and growls, “I could have sworn this was my office.”
Quinn Carter Kiss B&B

At the cliff house, Steffy runs her hands over her husband’s chest and abs and suggests that he remove his wet bathing suit. She goes over the miracle of his being alive and he reiterates that her love kept him alive. They kiss again.

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In Forrester, Ridge will never get used to his best friend hooking up with his ex-stepmom. “Find someone’s backseat, please don’t do this here!” Carter and Quinn part ways and the conversation turns to business. Ridge reports that Steffy won’t be around because she’s spending time with Finn today. Just then, Zende walks in scared: he just found out that Sheila was killed by a bear. “That’s right?!?”

In Deacon’s room, he tells Sheila that he thought a bear had attacked and killed her. Sheila leans back looking smug and satisfied and laughs, “The only thing that attacked me was you.”
Sheila laugh B&B

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At the cliff house, Steffy leans on Finn’s shoulder as they sit on the couch. Finn wishes he could hold her like this forever and never let her go. She wants it too… but Kelly and Hayes won’t allow it. Soon, the house will return to being a childish chaos. Finn tells her that this is the most important thing and kisses her on the head. Steffy recaps that having him and his family together is everything. They have a lifetime of memories ahead of them to make. “You stopped those bullets from Sheila to save me.” Finn hugs her. She would do it again in a heartbeat. Steffy tells him that he is the most amazing husband, father and doctor. “I will never stop thanking God for bringing you back to us. Me.”

At Forrester, Ridge updates Zende, Carter, and Quinn on Sheila and her middle finger, which was the conclusive evidence. Ridge wants to show the photo and everyone groans and shudders when he holds it up. It is Ridge’s reminder that she is gone and that he will never hurt anyone he loves again. They go over how Sheila almost killed her own son and Steffy. Ridge reports that they are now more in love than he has ever seen them.

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In Deacon’s room, Sheila reflects that she left him speechless last night. Climbing onto her lap, she kisses the confused boy, who tells her that she is crazy. She replies, “Unbelievably good between the sheets.” Deacon frowns as she pulls her head against her chest and holds her there. Walking away, she asks Sheila what’s wrong: she’s not used to Deacon being speechless. Deacon thought she was dead. She proved over and over again last night that the opposite is true. Pulling him onto the bed, Sheila wants to go for another round, but Deacon tells her to stop. He asks, “How did you do it? How did you convince everyone that you’re dead? Sheila did what she had to do to make it look like a bear had actually attacked her. She knew that Ridge and the Forresters would need more, so she gave them to him. “This little piggy had to go bye-bye.” Deacon, taken aback, gapes: “You cut your toe off.” He looks sick.

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At the cliff house, Steffy doesn’t want to talk about that horrible night or about Sheila. Finn assures her that they will raise her beautiful family, make amazing memories, and grow old together. “More and more in love every day for the rest of our days.” Steffy recaps: “Sheila will never hurt us again. Never.”

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At Forrester, Quinn says she knows what it’s like to feel more in love than ever. Ridge wonders if that’s a hint at her father. She loves her father, but what she and Carter have is special and she won’t hide it anymore. Carter changes the subject back to Steffy’s miracle. He is happy that Sheila is not terrorizing them, or anyone else, ever again. Ridge smiles, “Ding dong, Sheila is dead.”

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In Deacon’s room, Sheila admits that removing her toe was the most physical pain she ever experienced, but that it was the only way. They would have persecuted her and she cannot live that way. Deacon declares that she is crazy, but argues that she cannot live behind bars like a caged animal. Deacon can’t believe that she’s here and that he slept with her. Sheila wants him to admit that she had the time of her life. Deacon yells, “Why did you come here? You know I’m on parole!” Sheila reminds him that everyone thinks she is dead. “There is no one who understands me like you.” Just then, Deacon’s probation officer knocks on the door and asks him to open it. Sheila pleads, “Please don’t give up on me.” The parole officer yells, “Open up now!”
Deacon Panic B&B

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Following The Bold and the Pretty: Brooke confronts Taylor about the kiss with Ridge, and the arrival of Deacon’s parole officer sends him and Sheila into a panic.

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