After Israel attacks a terror group, the UN Security Council meets as some members rebuke the Jewish state

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A group of mostly anti-Israeli countries on Monday pushed for the United Nations Security Council to once again turn Israel into their punching bag for simply defending themselves against the Iranian regime-backed Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terror movement.

In his remarks ahead of the session, Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, singled out Norway and Ireland, which frequently attack the Jewish state, for their role in securing an emergency meeting.

“How would Norway react to Islamists plotting to fire missiles at civilians in Oslo? How would Ireland react if jihadist rockets fell on Dublin in an effort to wipe out ‘infidels’?” she asked.

Israel waged a three-day conflict with the US-designated foreign terrorist organization PIJ. Erdan said: “Palestinian (Islamic) Jihad deliberately fired 1,100 rockets at Israeli civilians, and approximately two hundred landed inside the Gaza Strip, killing innocent Palestinians, including young children.”

The Islamic Republic of Iran – the world’s worst international sponsor of terrorism – has played a key role in stoking violence against Israel, Middle East experts say. Erdan noted: “Palestinian Islamic Jihad is a radical terrorist organization, armed, financed and trained by Iran.”


China holds this month’s presidency of the Security Council and supported the emergency meeting.

The council session comes during a period of monumental crises, in which the UN appears largely paralyzed. A potential nuclear catastrophe is unfolding in Ukraine after bombing hit a Russian-controlled nuclear facility.

Observers say the UN Security Council has been largely powerless in its efforts to stop a more than six-month war of attrition between Russia and Ukraine that has resulted in tens of thousands of deaths, many more wounded and millions of displaced people, mostly women and children. Russia has faced accusations of war crimes in Ukraine.

In a reference to the recent US neutralization of al-Qaeda commander Ayman al-Zawahiri in late July, Erdan pointed to the double standards at play.

Israel's ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, addresses the press outside the Security Council chamber.

Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, addresses the press outside the Security Council chamber.
((Courtesy: Israel Mission to the United Nations.))


β€œThat is precisely why, when al-Zawahiri was eliminated, this institution, as well as most of the world, gave its full support. It was one step closer to eradicating radical terror from the world. Yet when Israel neutralizes such terrorists in order to prevent an imminent attack on our civilians, UN officials unabashedly express deep concern. This is a blatant double standard and will not be accepted,” he said.

While the Security Council was meeting Tor Wennesland, The United Nations special coordinator for the Middle East peace process noted, “Preliminary figures, which have not yet been confirmed, indicate that since August 5, the Israel Defense Forces launched 147 airstrikes against targets. in Gaza. Palestinian militants fired approximately 1,110 rockets and mortars into Israel, many of which landed deep within Israeli territory.”

He added: “During the escalation, 46 Palestinians were killed and 360 wounded, and hundreds of residential housing units were damaged or destroyed, along with other civilian infrastructure. Seventy Israelis were injured, with damage to residential and civilian structures.”

The government of Israel documented that failed PIJ rockets killed Palestinian children and destroyed Gaza’s infrastructure.

The United Nations Security Council meeting to discuss the latest situation in the Middle East.

The United Nations Security Council meeting to discuss the latest situation in the Middle East.
(Fox Digital News)

During his remarks to the council, the Palestinian ambassador to the UN, Riyad Mansour, did not criticize the terror group that Israel had targeted, calling the Israeli operation “unprovoked and unjustified aggression.”

Mansour attributed the Israeli preventive military operation to prevent PIJ missiles from entering Israel to the “upcoming Israeli elections.” According to conspiracy theories circulating within radical and far-left Islamic circles, Israel removed PIJ’s leadership as an electoral stunt to increase Israel’s electoral chances. Prime Minister Yair Lapid in the November elections in Israel.


The three European countries that, in addition to the United Arab Emirates and China, called the meeting appeared to turn a blind eye to the designation of the PIJ as a terrorist organization.

The French diplomat spoke of stopping the “spiral of violence” but omitted any explicit criticism of the PIJ as a terrorist movement.

The Norwegian representative blamed Israel for the “occupation” and “settlement construction” in his remarks. The Norwegian official did not cite the PIJ. The Irish diplomat called Israel the “occupying power.” It is unclear what the Irish diplomat meant by stating that Israel occupies the Gaza Strip.

Israel has not had a presence in Gaza since 2005 when it withdrew from the Palestinian enclave. There are no Israeli soldiers or citizens in Gaza; however, Hamas is holding two Israelis hostage and will not release the bodies of two other Israeli soldiers. The Irish representative mirrored Norway and France by not naming the PIJ as a terrorist movement and the nature of its ideology.


In stark contrast to the three Europeans’ anti-Israeli rebukes, US Ambassador to the World Body Linda Thomas-Greenfield said: “Let’s be clear: Palestinian Islamic Jihad is a designated terrorist organization in the United States and many other countries. “. nations. And he is also an Iranian proxy, who has carried out attacks on innocent civilians for years.”

He called on the fractured body “to unite and unconditionally repudiate Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorism.” Thomas-Greenfield stressed that “we fully support Israel’s right to defend its people against terrorist threats, including the firing of rockets at civilians.”

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