3 Pittsburgh Steelers who can secure a roster spot against the Jaguars

Soccer is back, guys! There’s nothing like knowing that football is on the horizon, and steelmakers Fans around the world couldn’t be more excited. As we count down the days until the Steelers face the Jaguars in Week 2 of the NFL preseasonlet’s take a look at who could secure a place on the list with a strong performance.

The most interesting battles to watch in the first game may be in the wide receiver room, simply because of the incredible depth at the position. There are quality receivers the Steelers will be forced to part with before the season starts, but how many will there be? Do the Steelers keep, say, seven receivers? That seems highly unlikely, but there are at least many recipients who have a valid argument for being on the list. Making a final decision on who will be released will be incredibly difficult for the Steelers’ front office and coaching staff.

The quarterback will steal most of the attention, though it seems highly unlikely that we’ll see anyone other than Mitch Trubisky Week 1. The biggest battle, in my opinion, is the fight for QB3. Mason Rudolph has been turning him on in training camp, but if the Steelers try to hide Chris Oladokun on the practice squad, the rookie is unlikely to stick around long-term, considering several teams around the league have shown interest in him. during the pre- draft process. He would likely be wanted by a team that suffers a quarterback injury early in the season.

The point is that there are many directions it could have gone here. However, below are the three players that I think are the majority he will likely secure a spot on the roster with a strong performance on Saturday.

If you have paid any attention to my draft content in the last two years, and if you have recently paid attention to the Steelers Fixup PodcastYou know I’ve been a huge fan of The Sims since their days in Kansas. The way he moved on the field, whether it was running routes or making defenders miss after the catch, reminded me a lot of Antonio Brown, and I couldn’t help but notice the physical comparisons after discovering the similarities on tape.

Well, he’s making the most of his opportunities in training camp, and his versatility was on display in Week 1 of the preseason, energizing the team with a 38-yard punt return as well as a 38-yard rushing sweep. jet. . With Anthony Miller out for the season, Sims deserves to be in the driver’s seat to secure the fifth wide receiver spot. That leaves Miles Boykin and Gunner Olszewski fighting for the sixth and final spot in the receiving room.

Heyward is an ideal piece for Matt Canada’s offense. His versatility that allows him to line up almost anywhere makes him a real weapon, and we know how much Canada loves H-backs that can be put on the move. Realistically, Heyward could probably unseat Derek Watt and save the Steelers a little money if it weren’t for the fact that Derek’s brother plays for the team and happens to be one of the best players in football. However, he should still be able to secure a spot on the roster at tight end, even though tight end isn’t the most ideal position for someone of his build. On the other hand, fans should remember that regardless of what position he appears in, he will be moved all over the field and used like a true Swiss Army knife in this offense.

The Steelers’ secondary wasn’t incredibly flashy against the Seahawks, but even though Tre Norwood’s performance was far from perfect, he was responsible for defending two passes and also making a couple of key tackles. It seems almost a given that Pittsburgh will keep five safeties on the roster, as the cornerback room isn’t incredibly strong and may not produce five quality players on the roster. It’s also increasingly likely that the Steelers will use both Norwood and Damontae Kazee in the space quite frequently in 2022, as there aren’t any great options for that role in the cornerback room. Just based on usage and versatility, I think Norwood will secure a spot with another strong performer.

What are the Steelers doing? your Do you see securing a spot on the roster on Saturday? Do you think the three players mentioned above deserve to be part of the list? Be sure to light up the comments section below with your thoughts on this topic and all things Pittsburgh Steelers!

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